CPECPE съотвества на ниво С2 от ОБЩАТА ЕВРОЙПЕСКА ЕЗИКОВА РАМКА и е най-високо ниво на владеене на английски език.

Учебната система е Proficiency Masterclass на издателство Oxford University Press. CPE е валиден за цял живот и успешно положилите този изпит могат да участват с лекота в разговори и дискусии, да се изразяват ясно в устна и писмена форма в различни ситуации от различни сфери.


1. Reading and Use of English (1 hour 30 minutes)

CPE Reading Paper has seven parts. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and a variety of reading skills including skimming, detailed reading, following an argument, coherence and linking, and looking for specific information.

2. Writing (1 hour 30 minutes)

CPE Writing Paper consists of two parts. Candidates are asked to write two essays of approximately 240-280 words each (a letter, a report, a review, etc.) demonstrating their ability to structure and develop ideas of a given topic and achieve their writing purpose.

3. Listening (40 minutes)

CPE Listening Paper has four parts. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their ability of understanding texts taken from a range of spoken materials, such as lectures, speeches and interviews, and feature language that a candidate might encounter in work situations, at university or in everyday life. 

4. Speaking (16 minutes)

CPE Speaking Section consists of three parts and includes conversation between candidate and examiner, candidate and another candidate and monologue. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a variety of oral skills such as organisation of thoughts, extended discourse and maintaining a discussion with appropriate pronunciation, intonation and speed of delivery.

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